London Upper Limb Unit

I set up my clinic in 2005 to allow people suffering with shoulder or elbow pain and dysfunction to find out more about their problem and what can be done to make them better. Originally it was called the London Upper Limb Unit partly because I worked in London and partly because it was a catchy name! As I no longer work in Harley Street but am now focusing my efforts on the branches in Woking, Windsor and Ashtead I have renamed the clinc SHOULDER-ELBOW-HAND which might not be as catchy but does cover exactly what I do.

Although there is a huge amount of information available on the internet, I’m afraid to say that much of it is neither accurate nor reputable and often it is written in medical language that can be incomprehensible. So at SHOULDER-ELBOW-HAND I try to be more user-friendly and avoid as much of the technical terminology as possible. That means you will read about grotty shoulders and wobbly shoulders as well as about degenerative changes and complex instability patterns!

There are also a lot of myths about differing treatments for the commonest shoulder and elbow conditions and if you consult Dr Google you will, for example, find 3.5 million hits on Frozen Shoulder. So how do you know what is the best way to treat your condition and what is just nonsense or has no scientific evidence behind it?

I have been helping patients recover from their shoulder, elbow and hand problems for over 20 years now and that experience means that I know how to make an accurate diagnosis and I know which treatments work best for each individual. It is not always the same answer for everybody and a range of options is usually available with surgery rarely first choice.

My clinics and operating lists are run from the best hospitals and clinics in Windsor, Woking, Weybridge and Ashtead. I am lucky to be able to work with the best people around to create a team that works together to make you better. From the staff in the clinics and on the wards; to the team in theatres and, most importantly of all, to the specialist therapists who’s role is so very important in getting you back to 100%  –  I only work with the best.

Enjoy your visit to SHOULDER-ELBOW-HAND and I hope you will find the information you need and, if I do have to see you in clinic, then I look forward to meeting you and I hope I can help make your shoulder or elbow a lot better.