New Artifical Thumb Joint

It’s never too late to learn so next week I am off to find out how to do an artificial joint replacement for patients with arthritis at the base of the thumb. It looks very promising so watch this space!

Walk-in/Walk-out Hand Surgery

More and more hand conditions are not being funded by the NHS. So if you have a ganglion, a trigger finger or Carpal Tummel Syndrome that is making your life a misery, sadly the NHS may not be able to help. At The Syon Clinic in Brentford I am offering very, very competitively priced walk-in/walk-out surgery for these simple but debilitating conditions.

PRP injection for Tennis Elbow

Steroid injections are out! Platelet Rich Plasma is in! All the evidence now says we shouldn’t be using steroids in Tennis Elbow but should be using the bits of your own blood that help to regenerate tendons instead. See the Tennis Elbow section to find out all about it. Most, but not all, insurance companies will cover one injection but if you have to pay it will cost about £500 – but should be well worth it.