Social Links

These are links to some things that I do, places I’ve been and events that I enjoy.


I am a keen cyclist and train with Spencer Wilson who runs a personal training gym in West London.  He is an enthusiastic maniac and will work wonders for your flexibility, core strength, stamina – whatever you want to achieve. If you are interested in cycling, whether a beginner or a keen amateur,  Spencer can advise you on the best bike to buy, set it up for you (very important) and get you fit to get the most out of it.

And my favourite bikes – and I am now lucky enough to have one (a Cento Uno) come from:


I became a bit of a yoga fanatic about a year ago and am lucky enough to live very close to a great studio in Wandsworth.

And when I can’t get there I use the app Yoga Studio


If you are looking for that special place to stay – a little bit of luxury, a little bit of that special treatment – then one of these wonderful, small boutique hotels will be perfect for you. We have stayed in a few and they have been even better then advertised.


A few years ago I took up clay pigeon shooting and, when I get some spare time, it is a great escape to head down to Bisley and spend an hour blasting clays out of the sky.


French Culture

We spend quite a lot of our time in France so can be fully immersed in the culture when we are there. If you want to get involved in French language, theatre, film, food or culture then see what’s on at the Institut Francais.


My wife is a brilliant skier and we try and get to the slopes every year (more than once for her). For the last few seasons we have used LeSki for out trips to the Alps and have been impressed by their service, organization and the range and quality of the accommodation they offer.


Living in London I found that I was hardly ever using my car. So I got rid of it. But if I do need a car (or a van) then I use Zipcar. They have a huge number of vehicles parked across London available for rent by the hour, day or week.


This is a great site for buying designer clothes, shoes, accessories and all sorts of other stuff at greatly reduced prices.