About the Elbow

Elbow Treatment London

The elbow is a notoriously difficult joint – it doesn’t like being injured, it doesn’t like being operated on and it doesn’t like physiotherapy! Thankfully though it is not damaged or injured or worn out nearly as often as the shoulder.

Rheumatoid arthritis and, less frequently, osteoarthritis can affect the elbow causing pain and making it impossible to get the hand to the mouth. This worn out joint can be successfully replaced with a new artificial one that alleviates the pain and returns movement.

Perhaps the most common and best known condition of the elbow is Tennis Elbow which, oddly, we rarely see in tennis players! In this condition the outside of the elbow becomes very painful particularly when trying to pick things up of if knocked. This occurs when the hand has to make a tight grip on a handle or object that is too small for it such as a racquet, screwdriver or paintbrush. Given enough time this condition will settle and simple measures such as anti-inflammatories, a tennis elbow brace and physiotherapy can also help. I now offer PRP injections to try and regenerate the tendon to make it better and very occasionally an operation is required.

The Ulna Nerve or funny bone nerve, travels round the inside of the elbow and can get squeezed as it turns the corner causing pins and needles in the little and ring finger. By releasing and moving the nerve those symptoms can be got rid of.