Help with phobias

Several times a week I encounter patients who have phobias which have a direct effect on how I can best treat them.

The most common are people who have needle phobia.

Fear of having an injection

This means that instead of being able to help them straight away by doing an injection in the clinic, they have to wait to be admitted and have the injection done with them sedated/anaesthetised.

The next group are thse who have claustrophobia and cannot manage to get into an MRI or CT scanner.

Fear of going into a scanner.

This means a very important tool for investigating their problem can’t be used and I have to use an alternative imaging modality which may not be as accurate.

Although the instinct of the Orthopaedic Surgeon is to say “pull your sock-ups” we do realise that that is a strategy that really doesn’t work.

But what does work?

There is a wonderful technique called Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) which can work wonders in getting you over these sort of phobias.

Getting your brain into gear.

It doesn’t involve years of therapy or psycho-analysis but is a very effective and quick-acting way of getting you over these fears.

Part of the NLP theory.

The guru of this technique is Richard Brandler – a rather brash Texan! – but it really works.

The guru behind NLP.

So, why not consider seeing an NLP practitioner and get help to get over your phobia?

I recommend Sarah Withey at and 07787099299