Wearing Your Sling

If I have put you in a sling after your operation then it was for a very good reason and not just for show. So if you want the best result from the procedure – wear it!

I know it can be, literally, a pain in the neck so, in virtually every case, I am happy for you to take the sling off when you are seated and safe. Get a cushion or pillow and put it on your knees. Then gently remove your arm from the sling and rest the forearm on the pillow. This takes the stress off your neck and allows your shoulder to drop back into a more natural, relaxed position. Just remember to put it back on again when you get up!

And yes you do have to wear it at night.

I do see patients with the straps and velcro bits all over the place. These next pictures show you how it should be worn.

Sling from the back Sling from the front