The Hand & Wrist

Treatment for the hand in London

If you have a relatively straight-forward hand or wrist problem then I am very happy to see and treat you. By straight forward I mean conditions like:

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome – pins and needles and pain in the thumb, index and middle fingers often worse at night.

Trigger Finger – the finger gets stuck in the bent or ‘trigger’ position and only comes straight with a painful click.

Dupytrens Contracture – tight bands of tissue form across the palm and fingers pulling the fingers down.

Thumb Arthritis – pain at the base of the thumb and pain making a grip.

De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis – pain in the wrist and thumb making gripping very difficult

For more details about these conditions and the treatments available to deal with them check out the operations section of the site.


For non-specific pains in and around the wrist and arthritis of the knuckles then I would recommend the following surgeons or groups:

London: The London Hand and Wrist Unit
020 74835090

Windsor: Mr Richard Baker

01753 540208

Woking/Chertsey: Fiona Middleton

Ashtead: Mr Murali Bhat
0800 0430760/07714337899