Affordable Minor Surgery

I am delighted to announce a new clinic where I am offering high-quality minor operations at a price that you can afford. If you need a Carpal Tunnel operation, a Trigger Finger release or a lipoma or cyst removed you might find that the NHS doesn’t cover it or the waiting times are very, very long and that the prices quoted by the big private hospital are just unaffordable. At The Riverside Clinic in Brentford, I can offer these procedures at £700 rather than the £1800 the private hospitals are asking. Same operation and same surgeon just done at an affordable rate. Contact my office if you want to find out more.



Tennis Elbow

Oh what a nightmare this condition is and how controversial is it’s treatment! Everyone swears that their way will work. But we know thats not the case and one line of treatment doesn’t work for everyone. So what does work the best? In the severe, acute, inflammatory phase I am a big fan of a steroid injection – its what I had when mine was bad and it worked brilliantly. But if it comes back or is chronic the probably using GTN patches topically to increase blood flow to the degenerate tendon and allow it to grow back to normal is the best solution. See the Tennis Elbow section for more details.

New Artifical Thumb Joint

If you have painful arthritis at the base of your thumb then that worn out joint can be replaced with a new one. It works really well and you get a pain free and functioning thumb back very quickly.

Clinics on Saturdays

I am delighted to announce that I am bringing my 20 years of experience  to The Guildford Nuffield on Saturday mornings. Contact my office to arrange a consultation.

Best way to treat Frozen Shoulder

The earlier we pick up your frozen shoulder, the easier it is to stop it freezing up. So if you are losing movement in your shoulder for no good reason then come and see me as soon as you can. Don’t go and have physio first. We need to make sure that it is a Frozen Shoulder and then get a hydrodistension injection done as soon as we can. Because the quicker we can do that the higher the chance of getting you better quicker.